Counselling or Psychotherapy?



We all go through difficult times in life, whether these are caused by external factors such as bereavement, job loss or the breakdown of a relationship, or maybe we feel anxious, sad or depressed and we’re not sure why.

Counselling offers you the opportunity to be properly listened to and heard in a supportive non-judgemental manner. This time will be totally for YOU and for many this can be a totally new experience. Counselling tends to focus on solving your difficulties in the present rather than digging deep into your past.


Psychotherapy also give you regular time to think and talk about the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself and other people, especially those in your family and others you are close to.

You will be able to talk about what’s happening in your life, how you do things and the part you play in things going right or wrong. We will talk about your past and childhood and how the past can effect how are you thinking, feeling and behaving at the moment.

Often we have brought our childhood coping mechanisms (usually very clever ones!) into our present day life and they no longer serve us in the adult world.

Ways I can help you

Determine obstacles and suggest behavioural changes to help overcome them.

If they are outside your control suggest coping mechanisms that will foster you wellbeing in difficult circumstances.

Question negative thinking patterns that contribute to feelings of sadness, anxiety and despair.

Encourage you to build on personal strengths and skills.

Develop new skills that cultivate a positive attitude and empower you

Obtain insights into your thinking, feeling and behaviour that may have eluded you before.

Help to recognise patterns in the way you act and trace their beginnings.

Recognise stumbling blocks and the way you may have unintentionally created them.

Engage in personal growth that helps you take control over your life and enjoy more life affirming positive relationships.



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