Is your relationship going through a major crisis?

Are you stuck in interlocking battles that just seem to go round and round?

Even if you feel your problems are trivial, couples counselling can help you improve your communication and have a better relationship in the future.

Some of the problems for which couples seek help are;

  • constant arguing

  • conflicts over money

  • feeling taken for granted

  • sexual problems

  • stuck in a rut

  • living in a step-family

  • support in separation

  • different styles of parenting

  • coping with a new baby

  • after the honeymoon is over

  • life/work balance

  • surviving an affair

  • mid-life challenges

All relationships go through difficult times and it often really hard to work out where our these problems originate from. They can arise from different communication styles, difficulty in expressing feelings, unmet childhood needs and how are our own parents marriage and relationships shaped us and our views.

During sessions you will be encouraged to see how you relate to each other and explore what is impacting your relationship and where it comes from. You can learn new styles of relating that will help you stop getting stuck in the same cycles of negative behaviour and bring enjoyment and satisfaction back to your relationship. Even when a relationship has reached what seems like a really negative place you can turn this round. Change is possible!


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